Best marketing practice!


Sheffield seo company set to take the world on. There is a new seo company and web design company called jmx. They aim to take on the internet and win. By using advanced marketing techniques to get brand awareness out there and seen by people and appreciated the jmx team use different ways to attract attention and promote. They do not believe in forcing people to like there goods and brands they promote like so many other marketing agencies do.. instead what they focus on is customer relations and making people recommend people brands not because they are being forced to but because they want to because the product or serves they go was so good. I think that this is a really good idea that jmx has adopted and really it should be done more because it quite clear to see from cold calling and other obtrusive marketing tactics that most marketing agencies just want to make people like a brand and it really doesn't work that you will need a lot of money for this to actually work and you will need to get your brand actually in popular culture and that is a big expensive paying off all the big media company's to promote your product when word of mouth is far easier and more honest approach to promotion... people do promote products, brands services that they like its that simple and that inexpensive as well! Well that's what jmx are doing anyway!