Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Got it wrong...

Sorry for the negative reply to this thread... it wasn't site5 fault at all and compared to many many hosting providers that you can find on webhostingtalk.com site5 is one of the best... I jumped straight in and posted even though the website wasnt down just ablovked ip...sorry about that (I guess I am too used to jumping to conclusions with so many bad hostings I have had in the past)... Uptime is great and it is pretty efficient with eCommerce sites and a good price. The only problem I have had is with emails bouncing..... I think I did jump the gun because of being scammed by so many other hostin company's I was like "nooo not another one!" but I was wrong... Im sticking with site5 I think! tis good!.... Sorry site5 :).

Friday, 31 January 2014

Site5 webhosting review... ITS RUBBISH! WITH EVEN RUBBISH UPTIME!

site5 webhosting is rubbish... I run a eccoermce website so every time my webhosting is down I potentially loose customers and with site5 webhosting it is always down despite the fact that it is so expensive...not only that but when it is up the webhosting is really slowly apparently because of DDOS attacks but I think that this is just a stupid excuse and really they are just scamming people. I am really annoyed as when the servers do go down which is quite frequently they dont bother telling you... as though you wont notice. If you are thinking of getting hosting I really would not go for site5 webhosting as it is rubbish with rubbish uptime you will not be a very happy webmaster. Well this review isnt pretty long as that all I can say really about this hosting company I cannot think of and pros of using it.....non whatsoever..... Site5 hosting costs more than your average hosting and is meant for eCommerce sites apparently as it can run fast.... but this isnt the case at all! AVOID AT ALL COSTS I SAY! As I am writing this their main website is down and so is my website.......morons I just guess they are just another one of those company's that take your money and run....

Thursday, 23 January 2014

amazon and ebay dominate!

Amazon and ebay just seem to dominate every thing on google.... yes I know they have tons of links but even so go see the huge amount of spammy site wide do follow links have at the bottom of amazon..... if i did that all of my link juice would become saturated, id be considered as a link scheme to and my website would not even rank in the first 100 let alone the be the top search results for everything...

Monday, 13 January 2014

Pinhole glasses will these glasses work or not?

I shall be a super human! By being tall from wearing height increasing insoles to stretching exercises and I will gain huge strength one way or another from exercises using resistance bands also I hope to have super powerful eye sight by wearing pinhole glasses. I am getting all my advice from Gtech In my mission to be super human!

In the last couple posts I have been talking about height increase with insoles... As you may or may not know I am trying to do everything I can to improve myself all my friends just think I am mad but I hope to become a super human. Anyway something else that I am willing to give a try is to wear pinhole glasses which will improve my eye sight (hopefully). They are meant to strengthen my eye sight and I have ordered a pair just now. I am still a bit unsure as if they are going to work or not but I will just have to give it a try and see... (sorry for the ironic pun). Wish me luck. I will update this blog if they  work or not. Remember all information I am using for my self improvement methods and journey can be found gtech.. for more info on pinohle glasses visit this post on gtech.

Would you look at that

 Would you look at that insoles do work and not just one increasing your height!
I have been wearing height increasing insoles for a few days now and I gotta say that they have really improve my life and I ma not just saying this they really have... even though the increase in height has been minimal..2 inches I think there is a placebo effect going on and I now believe I am more confident and happier when I have the insoles in my shoes. If you lack confidence I do suggest you give them ago..I have always been unhappy because of my height and have always thought that people were looking down upon me all the time because i am not as tall as everyone else but now I feel much much more confident and less conscious about my height.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

How to get taller?

Some person once told me about some kind of insole that allows you to be taller... you will not actually be physically taller but you will have gained height.. which is a tad confusing but basically they are like hidden high heels that will increase your height but are a lot less obvious kind of clever if you think about it. They are light weight and comfortable so you can wear these inserts whenever you want in any shoes you feel like. I just shrugged these insoles off as a gimmick when my mate was first telling me about them but it is only recently that I have tried them and I just wish that I started wearing them sooner as these height increasing insoles are super good... as now I am 2 inches taller than I was meaning I am finally average height... 2 inches makes a world of difference and just being these few inches makes you that bit taller than everybody else and you feel much better about yourself as well! Anyway I thought Id just share this with you all.... Spread the word about them and spread the height joy... or not and just keep this secret to yourself it is up to you! I know I am not very good at explaining things but if you are wondering about these insoles then go check out gtech which will tell you all you want to know about them and how the insoles will work on making you tall.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Best marketing practice!

Sheffield seo company set to take the world on. There is a new seo company and web design company called jmx. They aim to take on the internet and win. By using advanced marketing techniques to get brand awareness out there and seen by people and appreciated the jmx team use different ways to attract attention and promote. They do not believe in forcing people to like there goods and brands they promote like so many other marketing agencies do.. instead what they focus on is customer relations and making people recommend people brands not because they are being forced to but because they want to because the product or serves they go was so good. I think that this is a really good idea that jmx has adopted and really it should be done more because it quite clear to see from cold calling and other obtrusive marketing tactics that most marketing agencies just want to make people like a brand and it really doesn't work that you will need a lot of money for this to actually work and you will need to get your brand actually in popular culture and that is a big expensive paying off all the big media company's to promote your product when word of mouth is far easier and more honest approach to promotion... people do promote products, brands services that they like its that simple and that inexpensive as well! Well that's what jmx are doing anyway!