Only went and destroyed my feet!

Wups destroyed my feet.. here what happened.. I will try not to bore you!

Awhile ago I took up running.....was great! It has really helped me and given me tons more energy.. even if I work all day and then go for a run at the end of the day I still have tons of energy left over and dont feel the least bit tired. But all that stopped recently when I managed to mess up my feet. When I have been running I got a lot of pain when my feet slap the ground as I ran but I thought that this is normal... the pain got gradually worse as the weeks went by up until I woke up one morning and even though I had not used my feet they were red and quite sore... they hurt even more when I put weight on them. It really was not good, and I had no clue what to do as the pain didn't seem to go away.

After much complaining and hopping around I finally decided to look up what I had on the net. It seems what I have is what is known as plantar fasciitis which aint nice at all.

It all to do with your arch tightening up through over stretching and over use eventually with too much pressure, too much weight put on your arch and heel and it stretching out too much causes pf... I guess that explains why when I ran my arches felt quite tight. The way I ran I think didn't help either because as I said above as I ran my feet would slap on the floor creating a lot of shock and this couldn't have been good.

Some mates of mine told me that what I should by and wear whilst my feet recover and when I get back running again are some specially made arch supports or plantar fasciitis insoles to help give my feet more support and stop this form reoccurring... but that's easier said than doesn't as I looked on google and I couldn't find any good site that sells them... they all come across as scammers to me.. selling them at super high prices anyone know any good place to buy some?

PS, Found this quite useful.

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