Site5 webhosting review... ITS RUBBISH! WITH EVEN RUBBISH UPTIME!

site5 webhosting is rubbish... I run a eccoermce website so every time my webhosting is down I potentially loose customers and with site5 webhosting it is always down despite the fact that it is so expensive...not only that but when it is up the webhosting is really slowly apparently because of DDOS attacks but I think that this is just a stupid excuse and really they are just scamming people. I am really annoyed as when the servers do go down which is quite frequently they dont bother telling you... as though you wont notice. If you are thinking of getting hosting I really would not go for site5 webhosting as it is rubbish with rubbish uptime you will not be a very happy webmaster. Well this review isnt pretty long as that all I can say really about this hosting company I cannot think of and pros of using it.....non whatsoever..... Site5 hosting costs more than your average hosting and is meant for eCommerce sites apparently as it can run fast.... but this isnt the case at all! AVOID AT ALL COSTS I SAY! As I am writing this their main website is down and so is my website.......morons I just guess they are just another one of those company's that take your money and run....

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