Pinhole glasses will these glasses work or not?

I shall be a super human! By being tall from wearing height increasing insoles to stretching exercises and I will gain huge strength one way or another from exercises using resistance bands also I hope to have super powerful eye sight by wearing pinhole glasses. I am getting all my advice from Gtech In my mission to be super human!

In the last couple posts I have been talking about height increase with insoles... As you may or may not know I am trying to do everything I can to improve myself all my friends just think I am mad but I hope to become a super human. Anyway something else that I am willing to give a try is to wear pinhole glasses which will improve my eye sight (hopefully). They are meant to strengthen my eye sight and I have ordered a pair just now. I am still a bit unsure as if they are going to work or not but I will just have to give it a try and see... (sorry for the ironic pun). Wish me luck. I will update this blog if they  work or not. Remember all information I am using for my self improvement methods and journey can be found gtech.. for more info on pinohle glasses visit this post on gtech.

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