How to get taller?

Some person once told me about some kind of insole that allows you to be taller... you will not actually be physically taller but you will have gained height.. which is a tad confusing but basically they are like hidden high heels that will increase your height but are a lot less obvious kind of clever if you think about it. They are light weight and comfortable so you can wear these inserts whenever you want in any shoes you feel like. I just shrugged these insoles off as a gimmick when my mate was first telling me about them but it is only recently that I have tried them and I just wish that I started wearing them sooner as these height increasing insoles are super good... as now I am 2 inches taller than I was meaning I am finally average height... 2 inches makes a world of difference and just being these few inches makes you that bit taller than everybody else and you feel much better about yourself as well! Anyway I thought Id just share this with you all.... Spread the word about them and spread the height joy... or not and just keep this secret to yourself it is up to you! I know I am not very good at explaining things but if you are wondering about these insoles then go check out gtech which will tell you all you want to know about them and how the insoles will work on making you tall.

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